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Barbara Guźniczak

Pasjatv is a rapidly growing company on the media market. Our main target is the market of cable television operators, IPTV, DTH digital platforms, IPTV platforms. Around this market we have built our current offer, both in the field of products and in the area of services, including sales of advertising time, social media, event organization. We have over 20 years of experience gained in such corporations as: HBO, UPC, Universal, Discovery, ITI Neovision, Chello Central Europe, Eurosport. The knowledge gained gives us an advantage over competitive companies in Poland. We have precious experience in cooperating with cable operators from all over Poland and abroad. We are currently opening our agencies in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Dubai. Pasjatv is a qualified team of people who have been working in the market of cable television and media since the nineties. 

Our strengths are:

  • long-standing practice in implementing projects for the telecommunications industry;
  • excellent knowledge of media, both in technical matters, and marketing;
  • involvement in ongoing projects;
  • dynamics in action;
  • openness for new ideas and solutions.
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Adres korespondencyjny / biuro:
Pasjatv Sp. z o.o.
ul. Chorzowska 95/6
44-100 Gliwice
Fax: (32) 729 76 82

Dane spółki:
Pasjatv Sp. z o.o.
ul. Chorzowska 95/6
44-100 Gliwice
NIP: 643-174-27-32, REGON: 241259004, KRS: 0000336594

Konto bankowe:
Millennium Bank: 14 1160 2202 0000 0001 4428 0001

Kamil Guźniczak
Marketing and sales specialist of TV channels distribution
+48 574 365 225,
Radosław Banak
Director of TV channels distribution
+48 531 313 710,
Patrycja Margas
Assistant of TV channels distribution
+48 533 104 014,
Iwona Kubat - Kalinowska
Vice Director of TV channels distribution
+48 500 280 356,
Grzegorz Szadkowski
Financial Director
+48 608 141 355,
Barbara Guźniczak
+48 502 394 141,